What should be mentioned in advertising of medicines in Kazakhstan - new rules

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What should be mentioned in advertising of medicines in Kazakhstan - new rules

What should be mentioned in advertising of medicines in Kazakhstan - new rules

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The Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, by the order dated December 20, 2020, approved the rules for advertising drugs and medical products, Kazpravda.kz reports.

According to the document, the distribution and placement of advertising of medicines and medical products is carried out in the media, electronic information resources in health care organizations.

Advertising is made in the Kazakh and Russian languages and contains complete and reliable information about the drug or medical device.

Also, advertising must comply with the instructions for the use of the medicine or the operational document for the medical device.

Advertising should not exaggerate the pharmacological properties and therapeutic indications of the drug, the scope of medical devices, and also should not be compared with other drugs and medical devices.

In addition, advertising should not mislead consumers, including in relation to characteristics, composition, consumer properties, cost, intended results of use, research and test results.

Advertisements must be easy to read, printed in clear and legible type, reliable and recognizable (no special knowledge or the use of special tools).

Information in advertising of medicinal products must contain:
- trade name;
- international non-proprietary name or information about the active ingredients included in the composition;
- main indications for use;
- method of administration and dose;
- main side effects;
- main contraindications;
- special instructions for use by children, pregnant women, as well as during breastfeeding;
- release conditions;
- a clear and understandable recommendation before prescribing and using; carefully read the instructions for use and the text of the warning that "Self-medication may be harmful to your health";
- name, address of the manufacturer or sales representative in the RK;
- number and date of issue of the registration certificate;
- the expiration date of the registration period.

The following is not related to the advertising of medicines and medical devices:

- information related to human health or diseases;
- instructions for use, trade catalogs, price lists, reference materials, scientific information material, methodological and educational materials of a medical nature;
- information about an individual or legal entity that manufactures or sells a medicinal product or medical device;
- a logo, trade or international non-proprietary name applied to industrial products distributed among medical and pharmaceutical workers (pens, notebooks, bags, medical gowns, calendars, business card holders, flash drives, etc.).

The order is put into effect upon the expiration of 10 calendar days after the day of its first official publication.


Zhanat Tukpiev

15:50, 25 December 2020

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