Rules for attaching to polyclinics changed in Kazakhstan

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Rules for attaching to polyclinics changed in Kazakhstan

Rules for attaching to polyclinics changed in Kazakhstan

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The rules for attaching to polyclinics have changed in Kazakhstan, reports with reference to

By the order of July 28, 2021, the Minister of Healthcare made changes and additions to the Rules for attaching individuals to healthcare organizations providing primary health care (PHC).

Attachment to health care organizations is carried out at the place of permanent or temporary residence, taking into account the right of free choice of a polyclinic within one administrative-territorial unit, with the exception of persons living on the border territories that, by the right of free choice of a medical organization, are attached to a PHC organization located in the territory of a nearby administrative-territorial unit.

The free choice of a specialist in a medical organization is made at the place of attachment, taking into account the number of the attached population on the site.

To attach to a polyclinic at the place of residence, you need to use the state service "Attachment to a medical organization providing primary health care."

The PHC organization provides individuals with a public service upon self-referral or through the web portal of the "Electronic Government".

The medical organization takes ID data from the relevant state information systems.

When applying directly for the provision of public services in writing, the following categories submit applications addressed to the name of the head of the organization:


disabled people;

legal representatives of a disabled child from childhood, as well as guardians or trustees, foster carers and other persons substituting for them who provide care, education, upbringing, protection of the rights and interests of the child (legal representatives);

convicts serving a sentence by a court verdict in places of liberty deprivation, penal colonies, in the presence of the protocol of the commission for considering registration of attachment (detachment) of the population to PHC in the information system "Register of attached population";

students, as well as those studying in madrassas, in the presence of an official request from the rector of a higher educational institution to PHC and a protocol of the commission between the educational institution and the PHC;


children born in foreign countries;

orphans, elderly people and others.

When directly contacting a medical organization, specialists fill out a request for attachment to the "Register of attached population" information system.

The specialist of the digital health subject examines the request for attachment and makes a decision on approving the application or on a reasoned refusal.

The state service is provided from the moment the documents are submitted within one working day. A request is accepted two hours before the end of the work of the PHC organization (until 18:00 on weekdays).

The result of the public services provision is a notification of attachment or a reasoned refusal in the form of an electronic document in the "Personal Account".

The state service through the portal "Electronic government" is provided on the day of application.

The attachment of foreigners and stateless persons temporarily staying in the territory of Kazakhstan, as well as persons seeking asylum, is made on the basis of an agreement on the provision of medical services, an application in the Kazakh or Russian language and an ID (foreign passport), at any calendar time in accordance with the work schedule of the PHC organization.

The attachment of family members is made in the presence of their written consent by one of the family members on the basis of an application in Kazakh or Russian language.

The attachment of persons under the age of 18 is made in the presence of an identity document of the attached person and his legal representative.

The order takes effect on August 15, 2021.


Ekaterina Eliseeva

13:37, 6 August 2021

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