Nur-Sultan markets connect to Ashyq

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Nur-Sultan markets connect to Ashyq

Nur-Sultan markets connect to Ashyq

Photo of Nur-Sultan Akimat’s press service

The malls of Nur-Sultan, following other businesses, are joining the Ashyq project. These include shopping malls Asem, Alem, Shapagat, Saryarka, construction market Etallon, and others, reports with reference to the press service of the capital's akimat.

“We have been working on the Ashyq program since yesterday. Access control is carried out at all entrances. This day alone we have revealed 2 yellow, 1 red status. Using our example, we want to show that it is also possible to work with this system on large facilities,” said Nurlan Nurmaganbetov, director of the Asem mall.

According to the resolution of the interdepartmental commission, from August 2 of this year, the activities of all enterprises and organizations not participating in the Ashyq project will be suspended, with the exception of central state bodies, akimats, law enforcement bodies, healthcare organizations, the media, grocery stores, pharmacies and life support organizations.

11:33, 28 July 2021

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