Epidemic situation in Kazakhstan is stable - Alexey Tsoi

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Epidemic situation in Kazakhstan is stable - Alexey Tsoi

Epidemic situation in Kazakhstan is stable - Alexey Tsoi

Photo: Kazpravda.kz/Talgat Akhanov

Can we call the epidemic situation in coronavirus stable? Minister of Health Alexei Tsoi answered this question, Kazpravda.kz reports with reference to Inform.kz.

"Today the situation is stable in Kazakhstan. The only thing is swings during the week. It should be noted that on Monday, Tuesday, the indicators are usually lower, and from Wednesday, Thursday, they get higher. It is because registration and testing on weekends - Saturday and Sunday - is slowing down. People apply less to medical organizations. Not all testing centers are open on weekends. Accordingly, the number of tests themselves and registration of cases are falling. There are fewer visits to clinics on weekends. We collect this data from the regions. They fill the information system. Always throughout the entire pandemic, we see such swings, when at the beginning of the week the numbers go lower, then they increase, "Aleksey Tsoi said in an interview to the Khabar agency.

According to the minister, compared to January, the number of registered coronavirus cases decreased by about 30%.

"Now the situation is stable, the healthcare system is fully ready. There is no panic or rush in the country," A. Tsoi assured.

20:18, 12 March 2021

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